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For thirty years I smoked around 30 cigarettes a day, in addition I daily drank up to a gallon of beer, my lifestyle was that of a builder which was my main job. The builder’s life involved arising early in the morning and setting of to work, a cafe was found to have a particularly large “breakfast”. This had to include eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes (fried,) beans, mushrooms, bread (fried), and on occasion chips, together with tea and doorsteps of bread.

 At the end of the day I could be found in the local pub with other builders “networking”. Closing time would arrive and on the way home I would get a take away, Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Kebab or other fast food.

It occurred to me after a while that my lifestyle needed to change.

The process of change now developed over a period of time and  I began exploring how to change. Among the various things I explored was NLP. So utilising some of the NLP models I had discovered I, firstly became a Non-smoker.
The transition was remarkable, in that I had expected "giving up" to be painfull. yet for me it was just a natural change to become a non-smoker. In fact I recall actively seeking out opportunities where previously I had smoked, so that I could now get the sense of satisfaction of not smoking.
a little while later I moved, in a similar way, to become a non-drinker, again with a comfortable transition from one set of behaviours to what appeared to be the opposite! Since then I have continued the redesigning of my lifestyle choices, focussing on eating and exercising in what I consider to be a more useful way, to bring about a greater quality of life together with an expectation of a longer and more enjoyable life.

 I have also continued with my investigation of “addiction” using various NLP models to develop a system of conversational coaching, asking questions to suggest different ways of thinking, and as such different ways of behaving.


At the moment I am currently designing, what could be called a” Beta” version of the

 “Nosmo “System.

 Anyone who wishes to explore becoming a non- smoker, can participate in the development process, obtaining the benefits of non- smoking, at vastly reduced cost.

CONTACT ME, for further info.

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