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Neuro Linguistic Programming
TheJourney So Far

My NLP journey began in 1993.

I was seeking some inspiration to provide impetus to a business situation, when I read, in a motivational book, about a communication "science" called Neuro Linguistic Programming.
I bought the book, "Influencing with Integrity" by Genie Z. Laborde, and the journey had begun. Now some little time later, and many travels to other parts of the world, some understanding has occured. Enough understanding to know that there is a lot more to discover....

A great deal of my learnings have been of a formal nature, attending trainings and, in many cases, attending on several additional dates. I have come to realise that, for me, the joy of training and learning, and learning and training, is a tremendous motivator.

I just love being at trainings !!!

Along the way it has been my privilege to train with many likeminded people, without whom the learning process could not have happened. Among these I have been gifted much information by a special group, who have dedicated their lives to imparting wonderous understandings. These Trainers and their Workshops , I have listed on the following pages...

I have also devoted a deal of time to the modelling of some wonderous skills of people who demonstrate their mastery,on an ongoing basis, and I thank them for their sharing.

The next steps involve providing the opportunity for others to explore as I have, by sponsoring trainings and workshops that interest me, and hopefully others.To continue modelling and to just continue to enjoy the processes of learning...

To be continued...

WelcomeAboutWorkshopsPhotogalleryNon-SmokingAdditional info