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VENUE: Jury’s Inn Croydon,

!3th July till !8th July 2014,

the investment is £995

Call or email DAVE on 07956 523185, dave@nosmorex.co.uk  

So why attend Chris Hall's Advanced Language Trainings?

This is a unique opportunity to train with someone who was involved with the early days of NLP with  the co developers, someone who has devoted 35 years to the investigation of experience, using the NLP models, and who's work has influenced many NLP Trainers.

You will understand the Meta Model in a unique and revolutionary way.

Your understanding of the structure, of the language that people use, will become unconsciously competent, leading to elegant and masterful responses.

Your use of the meta model will move beyond a list of nominalised category responses, into a series of fluid and fluent communications, that you will find yourself using, in a congruent and ecological fashion.

so is it all only about language?

You will quickly start to realise the relationships between the Meta Model, the Milton Model, the Meta Programmes and the  Wellformedness conditions.
You will become aware of the primary, affects and effects ofTime.,

and how these distincitions can be utilised elegant
ly to maximise the impact of your communications.

Is there any prerequisites for the training?

This is an advanced workshop for participants who have previously studied NLP to at least a Master Practitioner level. The only other requirement is that you attend with an openess, and a willingness to explore, to have fun and a desire to walk the path
of mastery.

What next?

This training has formed the basis and as such a pre-requsite for an advanced language continuation involving deeper examination of Meta-Programmes and Sleight of Mouth,

to be repeated at a later date...

WelcomeAboutWorkshopsPhotogalleryNon-SmokingAdditional info