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“If you have been captivated by the sheer potential that NLP insights have to offer but was frustrated when trying to apply NLP techniques that don’t seem to fully fit the unique situations you’ve encounter; If you have a compelling sense that there must be more to discover about how to uncover the hidden things that lie within the structure of somebody’s subjective experience; if you are seeking a way to clearly decipher, illuminate and simplify the complexities of how we maintain the structures that support perceived limitations with a passion for making possibilities open up where once there were none, then please attend any trainings conducted by Dr Christina Hall and hosted by Dave Rogers.




I have explored NLP for 10 years and have attended many training, but I have found none that even come close to the profoundly powerful and surprisingly accessible insights taught by Dr Hall. The information she imparts with humour, respect, joy and playful delight, in my opinion, is unique in its depth and usefulness for achieving seemingly magical results in unlocking human potential.




Yes, the course is about the magic of language in all its form. Yes, you will explore the NLP Milton Model, Meta Model, Slight of Mouth patterns and many, many other fascinating aspects in ways that are truly unique and revolutionary for simplifying application and revealing deep structurally magical changes. But most of all I came away from my time with Dr Hall deeply moved by her ability to enrich in my life a profound appreciation for the uniqueness of others.



8 months after training with Dr Hall I'm still amazed at how much I have gained from attending. I think you will be equally impressed with this course but please, please, please don’t take my word for it – experience this training for yourself.”


Tony Rollings , London



“Attending the Language Intensive training with Dr Christina Hall has enabled me to make even more successful changes both when working with clients and with myself 

 Prior to training with Chris I had been much more reliant on the standard NLP techniques which were effective in many situations, but having had, a number of times, with coaching clients, where none of the techniques seemed to bring about any significant change, I was looking for more effective solutions. 

 Since training with Chris I have not only been able to make even more transformative changes with clients who were experiencing highly complex problems, I have also changed problems that had been holding me back for years which no other training or approach had been successful in resolving. 

I highly recommend Chris's training.

It is without doubt the finest course I have ever attended.”

Michael. Coach, London



My reasons for booking this course:

“I've booked my place on this course because Christina Hall, one of the major players in the creation of NLP, comes highly recommended to me by many experienced and respected members of the NLP community. In my opinion, this opportunity to train with Chris Hall is not be missed. 

The very foundations of NLP rest on the meta model, and I look forward to attending this advanced master class, to take my understanding and mastery of language to a whole new level.”

 Muriel McClymont 



Language Intensive Day


(A one day taster resented by myself to illustrate some of Chris' models)




"As a progression to the Master Practitioner the day you presented really stretched any prior understandings of the Meta Model, especially with regards to the Meta Model as a system of relationships.  The day has been an ongoing set of learning’s; from appropriate use of process oriented questions, entry points, the pivot pattern… It has radically tailored my use of language in coaching; adding new responsibility and understanding that language creates focus, and thus will determine response.


Even at the beginning of this journey into Language, I’m acutely aware there is much elegance and skill required to become a great practitioner in this field".


Geoff, Master Practitioner, UK




Dear Dave,


it is  time to say a huge thanks for your wonderful influence or influences. I am having the best time working on Christina's course materials. Fantastic, I'm getting up early to practice, think, play and really enjoy.


Bless you, Simon


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