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Neuro Linguistic Programming
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Language Intensive 2017

“You are going to use words that influence the psychological and organic life of an individual today...and twenty five years from now. So you had better be willing to reflect upon the words you use... seek out and understand their many associations.”

(Milton Erickson, MD)


A neuro-dynamic and multi- level approach...systemic and holistic

Featuring Master Wordsmith,

Christina Hall, Ph.D.

NLP Meta- Master Trainer

Often called “the expert’s expert” Chris has been described by Richard Bandler, NLP Co-developer, as the “ultimate Wordsmith”... the person who has probably taught me more about NLP... and continues to prove there is no end to this field.

“We are affected every hour of our life not only by the words we hear and use, but also by our unconscious assumptions about language.”

(S I Hayakawa, linguist)

Try to imagine life without language! Difficult, if not impossible, isn’t it? Because everything you see, hear and feel is given meaning through language. Living as you know it simply wouldn’t exist.

Language develops the mind, influences the body, and shapes your world. And as such is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. So it is that language organises literally every aspect of our lives.

Free the “hidden” power in language to maximise your success... language matters.

This lively and interactive, training is based on process-oriented, accelerated and integrative approach to learning. Chris, through more than25 years of exploring and teaching language patterns, has developed an approach that she calls “Neuro-Systemic Linguistics”.

Learning’s will include the following topics and skills:-

v  Detecting and creating pivotal points of neuro-logical leverage to build foundations of possibility.

v  Exploring the nested structure of presuppositions to structure implications that deliver messages at a deeper level.

v  Utilising the interactional syntax between the Meta Model. Meta Programs, Sleight of Mouth patterns and Wellformedness conditions to discover the greatest level of impact.

v  Combining linguistic and tonal punctuation to affect unconscious linguistic patterning and “hidden” behavioural presuppositions.

v  Extending questions as an information-organising tool while learning to design questions to structure responses that open up possibilities where there seemed none

v  Recognising paradoxes, binds and loops, the dilemma of “either or” thinking- to liberate an expanse of choice.

v  Exploring the “space-Time –View” continuum to effectively and productively use Time smartly as an organising framework.

v  And more...

Leading to...

Ø  Recognising where, when and how previous interventions had seemed less than effective...

Ø  Bringing about more easily, desired outcomes, for yourself and others...

Ø  Maximising flexibility in all your communications...

Ø  Discovering how language can reorganise and punctuate a world of experience in ways that expand the range of what’s possible, bringing forth greater potential into action.

Learning Continues 3rd July for 6 days until 8th July 2017

VENUE: Jury’s Inn Croydon and the investment is £996

Call or email DAVE on 07956 523185, dave@nosmorex.co.uk   


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