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Becoming an Ex-Smoker


From our explorations into stopping smoking, there have been two key points in our conversations that have been most pertinent, allowing a comfortable and well founded transition:


·      The pattern interrupt - when we were going through the strategy I used ‘to know how to smoke’.

·          Exploration of deep structure values. Specifically in my case, time and use of time.

Looking into both the pros and cons of smoking

In   "In support of your style of coaching Dave"
I have to say, as a client I am aware, that as a coach you are capable of coaching until the desired outcome is realized. It comes across very strong and is a real confidence booster as a client.



  Y   "Your passion and enthusiasm is infectious.

·             Your manner is very calm and supportive.

·              Your understanding of the issue is quick and your reviews (testing understanding) at 
the beginning of sessions is helpful".

       Kind regards,  



WelcomeAboutWorkshopsPhotogalleryNon-SmokingAdditional info