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Friendly Learning Building Company
Neuro Linguistic Programming

My name is Dave Rogers and I am the principal of The Friendly Learning Building Company, which I formed some years ago, to promote my work concerning the study of what is known as "Neuro Linguistic Programming"

It has been my passion to explore, examine, research, and increasingly develop new, additional ideas and understandings of communication, using the NLP models.

For 20 years, my main focus within the NLP models, has been the study and experimentation of Language and, in recognition of my most influential mentor, I sponsor workshops by Dr Chris Hall, who has been called, by some, the Ultimate Wordsmith….

I also have been exploring the subject known as addiction and have developed some models that have proved to be very useful….

So Welcome indeed !

WelcomeAboutWorkshopsPhotogalleryNon-SmokingAdditional info